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Origin Hong Kong

Origin Hong Kong

Mr. So Tung Cheong established So & Ho Certified Public Accountants in 1982 and became member of HKICPA.

In 2003, Mr. So founded Baililai Group, Baililai Certified Public Accountants, Baililai Nominee Limited and headquartered in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. We provide four premium registered office addresses located in the central business district of Hong Kong.

Baililai | Shenzhen

In 2003, Baililai developed the PRC market and we chose the special economic zone in Shenzhen China as our China headquarter. Shenzhen Branch held a monthly tax seminar, organized by the Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants.





Baililai | Guangzhou

2006, Baililai opens branch in Guangzhou. Guangzhou branch regularly hold trademark seminar to provide professional knowledge in IP and we conduct special tax seminars to provide customers with on-site account opening service.



Baililai | Shanghai

2006, Baililai Shanghai branch opens. We established a good cooperative relationship with a number of domestic and foreign banking institutions. We held large seminars with different banks and provide on-site account opening services.





Baililai | Beijing

2008, Baililai Beijing branch opens, we have over 1000 clients and has accumulated a large number of high-end customer resources. In recent years, Beijing Baililai held number of seminars and provide on-site account opening services.