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Singapore Information

Singapore consistently ranks as one of the top most competitive and profitable places for business investors. Singapore today is a reputable financial centre, a key regional trading centre, the world's busiest port, and a top location for investments and doing business.


· 100% foreign ownership allowed
· Company incorporation in 1 day
· Minimum 1 shareholder and 1 director
· No taxes on first 100K taxable income annually for first three years of a new Singapore company;
· Only 9% tax rate on taxable income of up-to 300K annually starting YA 2008
· Low overall flat tax rate of 18% on taxable income above 300K
· Zero taxes on capital gains and dividends in general
· Immigration visa (entrepreneur pass) available for company owners wishing to relocate to Singapore to run their new Singapore company
· No exchange controls or restrictions on repatriation of profits


There are no minimum paid-up capital requirements for a Singapore company registration. A Singapore company can be registered with a minimum of S$1.

Minimum 1 Shareholder, can be an individual or a corporation. There is no requirement for shareholder(s) to be resident in Singapore.

As per Singapore Companies Act, a Singapore company can have one or more resident or non-resident directors. Minimum requirement is one director.

However as per Singapore Company Registration Laws, at least one of the company directors must be ordinarily resident in Singapore i.e. a Singapore citizen, a Permanent Resident of Singapore or an expatriate holding a valid employment pass may act as the resident director. We can provide Nominee Director service to meet this statutory requirement, if you do not have a local resident director.

Company Name
All business entities require approval of proposed name prior to company registration in Singapore. We will do this step as part of our Singapore company registration process.

The general rules for choosing a Singapore company name are:

· must not be identical or too similar to another business' name
· must not infringe registered trademarks or patents
· must not be offensive or vulgar in any way

Company names that contain words like Bank, Finance Company, Insurance, School, University, Travel Agent, Media, etc. must first be approved by the Singapore Company Registration regulatory authority before they can be used.


Incorporation Fee:RMB12,300

Inclusive of:
· Singapore Company Incorporation (inclusive of All Pre and Post Incorporation Matters, Documents, and Government Fees)
· Company Kit (M&A, Common Seal, Share Certificates, Share Register, e-Certificate of Incorporation, Company Profile Document, 1 Company seal and signature chop)
· Company Documents Required for Bank Account Opening
· Company Secretary Service for 1 Year
· Nominee Director Service for 1 Year

For the provision of our nominee director service, we also require a refundable security deposit at S$3,500.00 that will be refunded back to you when you no longer need our nominee director service.

Annual Fee:RMB11,300

Inclusive of:
1. year registered agent and address service
2. Annual Resident Director Service
3. Annual Director's Report

Annual Preparation of Unaudited Accounts and Tax Filing with Tax Authorities (negotiable approx. S$1500.00) Depends on the volume and complexity of financial transactions. A ssumes that your company does not need to prepare audited accounts. Audited accounts are not required for companies that:

a. Don't have corporate shareholders C and C
b. Annual turnover is less S$5 Million