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United States of America Information

Forming a corporation is an important step for business owners and we will be pleased to assist you. US Corporations do not only combine limited liability and asset protection, they also provide the respect and prestige of running a big business. They are part of the American dream. Talking about a US Corporation automatically raises the idea of wealth, power and competence. Nevertheless incorporating and running a US company is absolutely simple. There is no paid up capital required and the whole procedure usually just takes a few days. The incorporation fees are just 290,- Euro. WSR can form your company in every state and provide additional services others cannot provide, such as nominee directors, virtual offices with prestigious addresses and bank accounts.


· no paid up capital required
· fast and hassle free incorporation procedure
· limited liability status
· asset protection
· corporations are amongst the most reputable company structures world wide
· good reputation, especially with banks
· professional appearance for your business

We especially recommend Delaware.

You can benefit from the tax advantages a Delaware company offers. More than half a million business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all US publicly-traded companies and 58% of the Fortune 500. That makes Delaware to the most reputable US state for incorporations.

Delaware corporations can also be used as an offshore vehicle: by law taxes apply only to businesses conducted in Delaware. If you have no US business activities, no US bank accounts, no US customers, no US suppliers nor any US employees, you just pay the Delaware franchise tax of usually 50,- US$ a year. That makes the Delaware the cheapest offshore jurisdiction on the world.


Company Capital
Standard formation is USD50,000 divided into 50,000 share at USD1.00 each. (Some states may apply additional government fees for higher capital) No specific requirement for minimum paid-up capital

Minimum of 1 shareholder. Shareholder and Director can be same person.

Minimum of 1 shareholder. Shareholder and Director can be same person.

Annual Fee
Most states required file List of Officer on Company anniversary date (Delaware franchise tax due on March 1 for Corporation and June 1 for LLC)

Company Names
In most states your corporation's name must include an ending such as Company, Corporation, Incorporated or Limited, or abbreviations such as Co., Inc., or Ltd. A limited liability company must include the ending Limited Liability Company or the abbreviation LLC.


Incorporation Fee: RMB8,000-RMB11,900

Inclusive of:
· Official registration fee to the US Government
· 1 year registered agent and registered address
· Certificate of Incorporation
· By-Law
· Share Certificate
· 1 Company Seal and Signature Chop
· Minutes of Director First Meeting
· Company Kit

Annual Fee:
For most States USD750.00

Inclusive of:
1. 1 year of registered agent and registered address
2. File List of Officer