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China Trademark Registrations

Materials for registration

A. Company application:Company registration certificate
B. Personal application:Applicant's passport  
C. Logo(JPG, 300 dpi)
D. Goods /services
E. Contact information(Name, Phone Number, Address)

Seal or signature confirmation documents (we offered)

A. Power of attorney
B. Confirmation  Contract

The process and time of trademark registration

Application return receipt(about 4 months)—Examination(9 to 11 months)—Publication(3months)—Register(13 to 15 months)
Part Four  Registration fee
A. Query:free
B. Register:RMB 1980/per

Service provided

A. Professional search and analysis of the success rate of trademark registration
B. Application materials preparing and submiting;
C. Trademark application process for more than a year, during this period, we offer timely feedback
D. The trademark is valid for ten years, we offer ten years of service