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Other countries trademark

Trademark application details in the following countries

Country Return Certificate Term of validity
China  7-15days  1year  10years
Hong Kong 2weeks 4-6months 10years
Macao 4weeks 6-9months 7years
Taiwan 1-2months 7-12months 10years
USA 3weeks 12-18个months 10years
UK 4weeks 5-7months 10years
France 4weeks 5-6months 10years
Singapore 5-7weeks 6-9months 10years
Japan 2weeks 8-15months 10years
Italy 2weeks 48-54months 10years
EU 3-4weeks 8-10months 10years
Thailand 1month 12-24months 10years
Afghan 1-3months 6-12months 10years
Cambodia 3months 24-36months 10years
Philippines 2weeks 36-48months 10years
Chile 2weeks 10-12months 10years
Colombia 2months 9-12months 10years
Peru 3-4weeks 8-12months 10years
Indonesia 3weeks 30-36months 10years
Malaysia 2weeks 24months 10years