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Madrid international trademark registration

Madrid trademark is known as the "international brand".

Enterprises or individuals can register  a trademark within  Madrid Union according to the regulations of  Madrid Agreement for international Registration of Trademarks  and  Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Trademarks. As of June 5, 2015, Madrid members has increased to 95 countries and regions. The trademark applicant can choose any members of the Union according to the actual situation and the main market.

Basic conditions

Provide trademark registration certificate in the original state or return receipt.

Processing time

Application confirmation is available in approximate 30 days from the date of submission and trademark certificate is available in 12-18 months.


Basic fee: CHF 667;
China International Trademark Office Fee: Rmb 331;
Specify country cost (in number of Member States selected as the standard)
Local trade mark agency services fee: Rmb 5,000 - Rmb 20,000;
Service fee: Rmb 5,000